Dirty Hands Merchandising
Store Support for Emerging Brands

about us

we build brands at store level

Dirty Hands is a family owned company with passionate
and dedicated people that live by the "of service" mentality

We make over 3,000 visits per month to top grocery stores in every major metro across the country. Our culture is the core of our company. We pride ourselves on being "of service" to every store we visit and helping out in anyway we can on any given day. This allows us to build meaningful relationships that lead to significant opportunities for our brand partners. 


What We Do

Retail Execution

With all the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating and building your brand, the last thing you need are mistakes occurring at retail. We ensure that your product is on shelf, priced correctly, ordered regularly, and has optimal real estate. We handle the dirty work so that you can focus on building your brand.


Whether it’s a promo cooler, placement at the register, or spot at the coffee bar, sales opportunities exist at store level every day. In order to capture these opportunities, you must be present in the market. Our industry leading frequency in store allows us to capitalize on these opportunities and boost sales for your brand.

data & reporting

Data and information drive decision making. We collect key data points on every visit we make, including photos, inventory levels, points of distribution, shelf position and more. We give you access to this information in real-time, so that you can make better decisions faster.



Dirty Hands has been an excellent partner for RXBAR. We are continually impressed by their store expertise, consistent communication, and ability to build relationships. With the help of Dirty Hands, we have seen great growth due to off-shelf displays in highly visible areas of the stores. With Dirty Hands, we are confident they will represent our brand well and create a positive experience with our retailers.
— Kristin Hong - RX Bar
Dirty Hands has been an integral part of REBBL’s growth here in the East. Dirty hands brings with them a culture of true partnership, communications diligence, and strong account management - highly valuable in todays crowded and competitive beverage coolers. I recommend Dirty Hands to any brand wanting to have positive, long term impact on the shelf.
— david clark - rebbl
Our partnership is authentic, built on trust, respect, honesty, thoughtful communication and team collaboration. The beautiful thing about the Dirty Hands team is that they are aligned with GoMacro’s Mission and Core Principles. This team sincerely cares.


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